Emma Fields became a celebrated spokesperson for the bridal community.

"Success comes to one who perseveres and never gives up."
- Cynthia W. Anderson, Senior Editorial on Tuesday, 29 December 2020

27-year-old Emma Fields was about to get married to her boyfriend in 7 months time in Albion, New York.

One day, while Emma was shopping for her wedding dress... she realized that she was being asked the same thing in all the stores;

“Are you going to lose weight for the wedding?”

Emma, who was annoyed with that question, failed to find a dress for her size until she came across her dream dress in the last shop.

Despite the staff repeatedly telling her she was TOO BIG to be fitted in that dress, Emma still insisted on trying it.

Emma then tried on the dress where within seconds, she TORE the beautiful dress as it was indeed small for her.

The shop owner was furious and demanded Emma topay $2,500.00 immediately for that expensive dress.

Struggles Since Young Had Led To Life-Altering Effects

Emma was overweight from a young age, and would often skip school due to the extreme bullying she suffered.

She was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) at 13 which can cause weight gain, but Emma admits she would “indulge in the comfort of desserts.”

 “Whilst I could blame having ‘bulky genes’ from both sides of my family or PCOS from aged 13, I was still given the tools to live a lifestyle that would prevent weight gain and chose not to use them."

 “It was my excessive indulgence that lead to my weight. This indulgence was fuelled by a difficult relationship with my mother who reminded me I was bulky and shouldn’t be consuming much."

 “I felt like the only thing I could control in my life was the sustenance that I put in my mouth, so to have some control and spite others, I consume what I wanted and when I wanted."

“Any emotion I felt, I combatted by indulging. It was a vicious cycle.”

Emma to receive TONS of hate & rude messages on her social media, with many condemning her massive weight.

Comments such as“What a LOSER!!”or“The only dress she can fit in is a table cloth”etc led her to some dark places.

Things got a lot worse, when Emma’s fiance DUMPED her as he felt disgusted to be with her after seeing that viral video.

“I pleaded with him to stay but he simply couldn't care less as he wanted someone much better than me…"

"I never felt more devastated and humiliated in my life than I was in that period.”

It was then, Emma finally decided to prove all her critics wrong.

Devastating Change Led To A New Reckoning.

Emma decided to make a change in her life after her toxic partner broke up with her. When she hit her 30s she felt ready to have a baby, but doctors said her weight would make it a struggle for her to conceive.

And a month later her relationship ended and Emma knew she needed to change her life.

“A month later my unhappy relationship ended, and my world came crashing down. I was stripped to the absolute core and forced to take a look at myself."- EmmaSupport Emma

Support Emma

A Doctor's Research Has Given Her A "New Life"

One day, Emma met Prof. Mitsuhiro from the Hokkaido University Graduate School of Medicine who ran a WEIRD experiment with his research team.

Prof. Mitsuhiro is a medical scientist who specializes in Traditional Japanese medicine - Kampo (漢方). They tested a new adhesive patch on rats. One with hokuto and one without for two weeks. The result (which was published in The Journal Of Proteome Research) showed that rats that were given patches WITH hokuto experienced lost weight compared to those without hokuto.

They also noticed a decrease in body fat in those that were given the patch with hokuto.

According to Prof. Mitsuhiro, hokuto activates the proteins inside fat cells that break down fat.

Plus, hokuto also reduces the activity of enzymes that are responsible for synthesizing fat, thereby preventing the development of mature fat cells.

It stops the body’s from creating mature fat cells which leads to a tremendous loss of fat without any exercise of any kind.

It Didn’t Matter If They Were In Their 30s, 40s, 50s, or even 60s or if they were Male or Female.

Prof. Mitsuhiro said that this new breakthrough has an incredible success rate with his patients as well.

 "Most of us are preoccupied with hectic lifestyle these days, therefore, we decided to invent Hokuto™ by adding natural and organic herbs such as Korean Ginseng and natural essential oils.”- Prof. Mitsuhiro

Pro. Mitsuhiro further claimed that this patch’s powerful, botanically-based formula will deliver maximum firming, tightening and toning results when applied to the skin.

Emma Made The Right Choice

"I decided to give it one last try and was shocked by the result."- Emma

In Week 1, she felt a mild minty sensation from the patch. But she decided to keep going.

In Week 2, she started to get used to the patch. She found out that she’d lost 7 Ibs by just using the patch.

By the end of the month, she had lost a whopping 39 Ibs.

Today, Emma has lost over 113 lbs... Here's what she shared with us.

"It was the CRAZIEST thing I’d ever seen! Watching the belly fat I’d been fighting for years and years shrink away to nothing…"

After 5 months of using the patch, she had to give away all of her clothes that became too big for her.

Emma attended the finale of show where all 15 contestants reunited and weighed in, for one last time in front of a live studio audience.

Emma who was already eliminated, stunned everyone with her amazing transformation.

“No one gave me a chance but here I am, after losing 9 lbs more than the winner of this season!”

“I couldn't be happier. The best part is, I can eat whatever I want without gaining fat, thanks to Hokuto™Patch"


The Japanese Government Has Set A Limit To The Extraction of The Hokuto.

“I’m so grateful that our hard work is able to help people around the globe who faced a similar situation like Emma.”- Prof. Mitsuhiro

However, there are only 3,000 units of Hokuto™ were allowed to be sold outside of Japan each year. Last year, the stock was completely sold out in just 15 minutes after launching.

Luckily as for now, we have both good and bad news for you.

The good news is that the Japanese Government is now allowing additional 5,000 units of Hokuto™ to be exported.

But the bad news is, 90% of the stock are already pre-booked by our previous customers.

As per our latest stock count, ONLY LAST 115 units are available now!

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